I'm the food blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer behind A Sassy Spoon. I've been blogging for over 6 years and making over six figures from my blog business.

Now, I help food bloggers (like you!) grow & manage their food blogs so they can turn them into full-time businesses in less time!


For as long as I could remember, I wanted to start my own business. In my past life, I tried opening several online ventures and lifestyle blogs only to quickly talk myself out of the idea and quit without ever giving them a chance to grow.


It wasn't until I was at a fork in the road with my career in 2016 that I decided to really commit to turning my dream of becoming my own boss into a reality.


By that point, I had been hustling my way through agency life working as a social media strategist for big-time clients in the culinary space. Prior to that, I was climbing the corporate ladder in the healthcare industry. Somewhere in between, I went back to school and got my bachelor's in business.


Needless to say, for someone with a CREATIVE, entrepreneurial spirit like mine, my current day-to-day life sure didn't reflect it. This way-too-safe route I was told to choose for my life was making me CRAVE something new and I was suddenly DESPERATE for change.


That's when I decided to quit my safe and secure full-time job to figure out my next move.


Before I knew it, I was going down rabbit holes of research, reading blog income reports, and learning all about how to make money from a food blog.

I was sold.

I decided I was going to give blogging another shot and really stick to it for a long haul this time.

And that I did.


Today, I'm the food blogger, recipe developer, and food photographer behind the six-figure food blog, A Sassy Spoon.


Now, I'm ready to show you how this can be your success story too!


I went from being an unfulfilled, overworked, and unhappy 9-5 employee to a SIX FIGURE FOOD BLOGGER BOSS feeling more secure in my career than ever in my entire life.


💃🏻   I'm an ENTJ and an Enneagram 3w2.

👄   I know how to read lips. Watch out!

☕   I'm Cuban coffee OBSESSED.

🙅🏻‍♀️   My biggest pet peeve is when people pronounce and spell my name wrong.

🤯   Both of my feet have little screws and I also have a fake tooth. I know right?!



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