The coaching program for food bloggers that want to grow & manage their blog and turn it into a full-time business in less time!



Imagine if...

  • You were so in control of all the moving parts of your business that you’d know exactly what to focus on without feeling stressed or scatterbrained.
  • You had so much clarity on the technical side of food blogging that you didn't need to spend hours watching webinars, reading articles, or stalking any more Facebook groups to grow your blog into a business.
  • You felt so confident when working with brands that you’d get paid on your terms and never lived in fear of pitching again.
  • You built a sustainable, profitable blog business that finally gave you the freedom and flexibility to do what you love so you can be your own boss.

Here's the problem...

  • You're stressed about not having the time to do it all, ending with you accomplishing nothing and feeling like a failure.
  • You're paralyzed by what to focus on first/next to reach your goals faster and wish someone would just give you an efficient blueprint that gets results.
  • You desperately want to stay consistent with your food blog and grow your page views but can't seem to figure out how to make that happen.
  • You're afraid of reaching out to brands and getting rejected or not getting paid what you're worth.
  • You're tired of wasting hours and hours googling vague solutions and reading outdated, irrelevant info on how to grow + manage a food blog.

I totally get it but... it DOESN'T have to be this way!

Hi! I’m Jamie, founder of A Sassy Spoon and your coach inside the Food Blogger Business Blueprint!

I quit my safe full-time job in 2016 and started A Sassy Spoon, my food blog, with the intention of making my passion for cooking a profitable venture.

Two years later, I began making a full-time income, and for more than three years now, I've been making over six figures from various income streams.

It took a lot of trial & error, silly mistakes, and hard work to get to this point.

This is why I created The Food Blogger Business Blueprint so you can skip all the guesswork and grow & monetize your food blog with a proven method that actually provides results.

I went from being an unfulfilled, overworked, and unhappy 9-5 employee to a SIX FIGURE FOOD BLOGGER BOSS feeling more secure in my career than ever in my entire life.

I want this to be your success story too!


Started from the bottom, now I'm here!


My food blog went from 7k monthly page views to over 136k monthly page views in ONE year!

That's when it all changed for me. I felt like I finally cracked the food blogging code!

I stayed the course even when it seemed impossible to get to the next level.

Can you guess what happened next?

My food blog continued to grow year over year...and so did my blogging income!

  • 2016 — $175
  • 2017 —  $5,000
  • 2018 —  $85,008
  • 2019 —  $98,993
  • 2020 — $102,039
  • 2021 —  $145,070

Now, A Sassy Spoon consistently earns close to $100K a year from display ads alone.

That's just from one income stream.

I created the Food Blogger Business Blueprint to provide you with the exact strategy you need so too can grow your food blog into a full-time business in less time without making the same mistakes I did along the way.

That's over 6 years of knowledge all in one course!


Who I Work With

I have found that my system works best for this group of people:

Food bloggers that are ready to start growing and managing their food blog without wasting any more time so they can make money online and finally quit their 9-5 job!

Why I'm Different

  • I’ll give you proven systems & structure to accomplish your goals every single week.
  • I'll teach you how to organize all your blogging tasks so you can feel in control of all the moving parts and never feel overwhelmed again.
  • I'll show you how I've generated over 12M+ page views from my food blog in the last 6+ years and how you can work towards the same goal.
  • I support you with LIVE monthly group coaching Q&A sessions so you can get all your questions answered as you work through the course.
  • I am 100% results-driven helping you become more intentional, more focused, and more purposeful with the tactics that will consistently move you forward without wasting any time.


How It Works

When you sign up for the Food Blogger Business Blueprint, you'll get INSTANT access to all the video trainings. No waiting, no dripped content.

You can go at your own pace or binge it all like a Netflix series while implementing what you're learning as you go. You choose!

Here's what's covered inside FBBB:


In this module, we'll focus on rewiring your brain to set the tone for the next 90 days and beyond. Even if you think your mindset is fine, this module will help uncover limiting beliefs + mental blocks that you didn't even know you had and transform them into a badass vision for your future.


In this module, learn how to manage your food blog, manage your time, and manage your energy so your blog business can run efficiently without you. Learn how to develop systems, implement workflows, automate processes, execute all your food blogging tasks, and organize it all using project management tools to increase productivity and get more done in less time.


In this module, we'll focus on how to identify your target audience so you know exactly who to solve problems for, how to perform intentional keyword research + competitor analysis using SEMrush so you create a solid editorial content strategy with confidence for SEO opportunities, and how to create an efficient system for batching recipe content ahead of time so that your blog runs like an efficient well-oiled machine without the overwhelm.


In this module, we'll cover all things Food Blogger SEO so your target audience finds YOU. We'll focus on On-Page SEO, Tech SEO, E-A-T guidelines, and even what NOT to do for SEO in the effort to help you improve organic search results. We'll also cover how to effectively use Email Marketing to drive traffic to your food blog as well as Google Web Stories and a few best practices for using Social Media.


In this module, we'll focus on how to properly optimize existing content for SEO opportunities so you can maintain and/or increase your organic search rankings in Google search results pages (SERPs). We'll also focus on the key metrics you should be monitoring inside Google Analytics + Google Search Console to measure blog growth.


In this module, we'll focus on getting your money mindset right so you can pitch brands confidently and ask for what you're worth all while managing your finances, setting your rates, learning about rights, usage, exclusivity fees (and how to charge for it!), and understanding taxes like a badass food blogger boss.


Get personalized support via monthly LIVE group coaching Q&A sessions with Jamie for 3 months as you work through the FBBB course. You can attend the calls live or submit your questions in advance and catch the replay later. Support like this is always worth its weight in gold


Gain 3-month access to a private members-only online community that's built like a Facebook group without the ads or all the distractions. Submit questions as you work through the course so we can tackle them on the live coaching calls, catch replays from previous coaching calls, and access a growing archive of monthly video trainings and The Masterclass Vault so you can learn from industry experts! P.S. FBBB alumni will also have the option of continuing their access to the private community & group coaching calls even after the 3-month access is over!


Meet your massive traffic goals with this strategic, step-by-step, plug-and-play action plan that will help you stay consistent knowing exactly what to focus on from prep to publish so you can monetize way quicker than if you were to wing it on your own. Hello Mediavine!

After working through FBBB, you’ll...

  • have CLARITY after finally understanding the science behind food blogging for business and how it all works.
  • feel CONFIDENT knowing exactly what type of content your audience needs, how to pitch brands for partnerships, and how to negotiate like a bo$$.
  • feel IN CONTROL of all the moving parts of your blog business including your income, your time, your energy levels, your content strategy, and more. (Trust me, there are a lot of moving parts in this business!).
You don't have to do this alone.

Meet some of FBBB's amazing alumni!


Meet Amanda Gajdosik from Midwest Nice Blog

"Jamie's program helped me to completely overhaul my business! I didn't realize how chaotic and mismanaged my process was until Food Blogger Business Blueprint. I've learned SO MUCH in this course. I didn't realize how much I didn't know, but Jamie laid it out in such a concise way. I've got a list of to-do's for my blog but now I KNOW HOW TO DO THEM. And I'm not afraid anymore! Jamie is open, honest, and available to talk about any blogging question and she's a wealth of knowledge. Invest in this course, you won't be sorry!

What happened after FBBB?

Amanda wrote out this post-it note after our call in May 2020. The post-it said that "1 year from today, I will be on an ad network". By November 2020, she reached 50,000 monthly sessions and was able to monetize her food blog with Mediavine! Just 6 months later! Way ahead of schedule!


Present day... Amanda is still reaping those benefits!

More Results!

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