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Launch your food blog from scratch in one day, even if you're a total newbie and not techie at all, and get started on content planning right away!
Already have a food blog?
feeling stuck about starting a food blog?

I know that you've been DYING to start a food blog – but something keeps holding you back.

I totally get it.

You want a food blog that can start making you money but have no idea where to start.

You're tired of the infamous algorithm working against you and you're ready to invest time in a platform you actually own.

You feel totally stuck and wish someone would just give you the step-by-step process so you can stop wasting time and get your blog up and running already.

let's launch your food blog today!

Feeling paralyzed, overwhelmed, and stressed out all day isn't exactly the food blog business you had hoped for.

Let's change that forever!

Iā€™m here for you, friend! I created a mini course to help get your food blog launched without the overwhelm!
Hi, I'm Jamie!

I quit my safe & secure full-time job in 2016 and started A Sassy Spoon, my food blog, with the intention of making my passion for cooking a profitable venture.

Two years later, I began making a full-time income, and for more than three years now, I've been making over six figures from various income streams.

It took a lot of trial & error, silly mistakes, and hard work to get to this point.

This is why I created The Food Blogger Business Blueprint so you can skip all the guesswork and grow & monetize your food blog with a proven method that actually provides results.

I went from being an unfulfilled, overworked, and unhappy 9-5 employee to a SIX FIGURE FOOD BLOGGER BOSS feeling more secure in my career than ever in my entire life.

I want this to be your success story too!

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I can walk you through the entire process of starting your food blog the right way with the proper tech and none of the overwhelm. 

All you need is to stop procrastinating, holding yourself back, and making excuses. No more waiting. There will never be a perfect time to get it done.

Let's launch that food blog you've been dreaming of for years! šŸŽ‰

  • Feeling IN CONTROL of all the moving parts of your blog knowing exactly what to focus on without feeling lost or scatterbrained.
  • Having CLARITY on the technical side of food blogging without the need to spend hours watching old YouTube videos, reading outdated articles, or stalking any more Facebook groups to grow your blog into a business.
  • Feelling CONFIDENT when working with brands, getting paid on your terms, and never living in fear of pitching again.
  • Making BOSS MOVES with your sustainable, profitable blog business, enjoying the freedom & flexibility that comes with being your own boss, and just living the dream!
And it all starts with you launching your food blog today!
Start Your Food Blog
Mini Course
The six-lesson self-study mini course is designed to help you start your food blog from scratch in one day!
Start Your Food Blog Mini Course includes everything you need to:
  • Determine whether or not food blogging is right for you before investing money in more resources.
  • Go from idea to blog launch without drowning in tech overwhelm with an easy step-by-step process.
  • Understand how food blogging for business works and get started with content planning right away.

Here's what's waiting for you inside the Start Your Food Blog Mini Course!


blog launch 

  • Figure out how to choose the right blog name for your food blog.
  • Secure a domain name & website hosting easily with step-by-step instructions.
  • Get 20% off web hosting with my exclusive promo code just for you!

blog optimization

  • Understand what the best blogging platform is for food blogs and why.
  • Learn how to optimize your blog's backend for added security and site speed.
  • Discover the one tool that improves the performance of your site and how to set it all up.

blog planning

  • Learn about blog niches and why they are important for food blogs.
  • Start planning who you will be creating content for (aka your target audience). Worksheet included!
  • Get started with organizing your content on your food blog using the Blog Site Structure Blueprint worksheet.

šŸ† bonuses šŸ† 

  • Food Blog Business Model Video Training. Learn the ins and outs of food blogging for business so you can truly understand how it all works.
  • Food Blogger Boss Guide. An 18-page guide all about what you need to know and focus on inside your food blog business.
  • Food Blogging Glossary of Terms Master Index. A master list of over 50 blogging terms with easy-to-understand definitions to help you learn the lingo and reference it whenever you need it.
  • Exclusive Promo Code! Your $37 investment in this mini course can be redeemed and applied to the Food Blogger Boss Bootcamp. Win-win!
Join the Start Your Food Blog Mini Course and launch your blog today!




Due to the digital nature of this course, there are no refunds. If you have questions about whether this course is right for you, please reach out via Instagram @foodbloggerbossco or via email [email protected] before completing your purchase.